Why should you choose commercial refrigerators & freezers for business?

Why should you choose commercial refrigerators & freezers for business?

If you are engaged in a commercial business related to food and beverages, catering, or food supply, it is essential to seriously contemplate purchasing a commercial refrigerator or freezer. This guide aims to assist you in comprehending the disparities between the available refrigerators and freezers, along with their advantages. If you desire to have both a commercial refrigerator and freezer, Coolski is an excellent choice.

Commercial Refrigerator versus Commercial Freezer

The purposes of commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers are distinct. A commercial refrigerator is employed to maintain products at a cool temperature, whereas a commercial freezer is utilized for freezing products and keeping them in a frozen state.

Typically, commercial refrigerators are set at a temperature of approximately 41°F / 5°C, while commercial freezers are usually set at 0°F / -18°C.

Why Coolski Commercial Freezers?
Our refrigerator features two controllable zones. The left side is the refrigeration zone, and the right side is the freezing zone. The temperature range of the refrigerator compartment is 33-41°F, and the freezer compartment can reach as low as -8°F. The temperature can be effortlessly monitored through a digital temperature controller.

Larger Compressors

The compressor serves as the core of the refrigeration system in your refrigerator or freezer. It moves the refrigerant throughout the unit, thereby regulating the overall temperature.
In a commercial fridge or freezer, the compressor is larger and more powerful than the one found in an ordinary refrigerator. In fact, commercial-grade compressors are often twice the size of those in a household fridge. This is a compelling reason for you to opt for a commercial fridge to guarantee reliable refrigeration for your business.

Better Durability

In a commercial restaurant or food and beverage outlet, refrigerator doors are opened much more frequently. After all, a café prepares more meals in a day than an ordinary household! Hence, you require a fridge or freezer that is more durable and capable of withstanding frequent usage – similar to refrigeration units designed for commercial purposes.
For instance, a commercial refrigerator would have stronger and more solid hinges that can withstand the pressure of a commercial environment. The handles of a commercial fridge would also be manufactured to endure the repeated opening and closing throughout a working business day.

Long-Term Success

Through meticulous assessment of kitchen requirements, evaluation of key characteristics, and taking into account budget limitations, choosing the appropriate dual temp refrigerator freezer combination turns into a strategic choice that boosts efficiency and productivity in commercial kitchens and simultaneously optimizes resource utilization for long-term success.

 Closing Thoughts

 Coolski has always attached great importance to and continuously optimized and improved product quality during its development, and continuously improved technology and brand value to ensure that it provides users with the best technological experience. Choosing Coolski means choosing the future.

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