What brands of ice machines are used in American chain hotels?

What brands of ice machines are used in American chain hotels?

What are the American ice machines?

Which ice machines are produced in China?

How is the after-sales service done?

Several brands of ice machines are commonly used in American chain hotels. Some popular brands include:


Manitowoc Ice

Scotsman Ice Systems



Follett Corporation





These brands manufacture various types of ice machines, including under-counter ice machines, modular ice machines, and countertop ice dispensers.


Many ice machines used in American hotels are manufactured in both the United States and China. Some companies, like Manitowoc Ice and Ice-O-Matic, have manufacturing facilities in the United States, while others may have production facilities in China or other countries. The specific manufacturing location can vary depending on the brand and model of the ice machine.


After-sales service for ice machines typically involves warranty coverage, maintenance contracts, and repair services. Most manufacturers offer warranties on their products, covering parts and labor for a specified period after purchase. Additionally, hotels may opt to purchase maintenance contracts or service agreements to ensure regular maintenance and prompt repair services when needed.


For ice machines produced in China, after-sales service may involve a combination of local service technicians, authorized service centers, and support from the manufacturer's global service network. Manufacturers often have service representatives or authorized service providers in various regions to provide support and maintenance for their products.


Overall, after-sales service for ice machines includes a range of options to ensure that hotels can maintain the functionality and reliability of their ice-making equipment.

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