Ultimate Commercial Refrigerator Buying Guide

Ultimate Commercial Refrigerator Buying Guide


When buying a commercial refrigerator, selecting the right size is essential.

What Sizes Are Available?

One-section refrigerators

  • Between 20 and 30 cubic feet of storage 20"-30" wide.
  • One door (or two Dutch doors) Smallest footprint

Two-section refrigerators

  • Between 30 and 50 cubic feet of storage 40"-60"wide
  • Dual-temperature models available Two doors (or four Dutch doors)

Three-section refrigerators

  • Between 50 and 70 cubic feet of storage 70"+ wide
  • Most available interior storage space Three doors (or six Dutch doors)

How to Choose a Refrigerator Size?

Consider how much food you need to store.



1 cu. ft.

28 lb.

For example, 50 lb. of chicken will take roughly 1.8 cu. ft. of storage space.


Consider Your Space

  • Decide where in the kitchen you're going to put it 70°
  • Measure the location and make sure you have enough space.
  • Measure your space for depth, width and height.


Types of Refrigerators

1 Reach-In Refrigerators

  • Keeps your items cool and accessible at arm's length while standing.
  • Durable and easy-to-use design ideal for routine use.
  • Best for commercial kitchens, for storing frequently needed items.

2 Walk-In Refrigerators

  • Available in both freezer and refrigeration options.
  • Stores large quantities of food products on directly accessible shelving while allowing you to freely move around inside.
  • Best for food service providers with larger storage needs.

3 Undercounter Refrigerator


  • Can either be fit neatly under existing countertops or they can be pulled out

and used as stand-alone work surfaces.

  • Used to refrigerate smaller items without taking up extra floor space.
  • Best for restaurants with a limited floor arca.


4 Refrigerated Prep Tables


  • Designed to be used on the cook line or in the prep area.
  • Fast access to foods and supplies.
  • Best for sandwich shops and pizza restaurants.


5 Refrigerated Display


  • Upright units with glass doors.
  • The upright board can display different advertisements.
  • LED light inside to show the items clearly.
  • Best for grocery stores that want to display drinks, sandwiches, and other small food items

6 Bar Refrigerator

  • These refrigerators are made to fit under the counter and out of the way in a commercial bar setting.
  • Some units feature built-in keg storage for serving draught beer.


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