How to evaluate, compare and choose multiple models of Coolski ice maker machines.

How to evaluate, compare and choose multiple models of Coolski ice maker machines.

Coolski has a comprehensive range of ice maker machine models, covering home and commercial use, and even can used in industrial-grade scenarios. The ice machine has such a strong adaptability thanks to Coolski's strict quality system.

 First introduced is Coolski's home ice machine model - IM90B, which can provide 100 lbs of ice per day and comes with a relatively spacious 34 lbs ice storage bin. This ice supply is enough for any family to use, and even in some small coffee shops and bars, it can easily cope with the daily commercial ice demand.

Feature of the IM90B undercounter ice machine:

100 lbs of ice cubes daily produce

34 lbs ice storage bin

Compact Size: 19.7''W × 14.5''D × 32.9''H

Complete accessories package with filter, inlet and drain hose

Next, we introduce Coolski's two medium commercial ice machine models - IM180 & IM280. The two models can supply 200 lbs and 320 lbs of ice cubes per day respectively. For customers with commercial needs, the supply of ice cubes will make you more handy and you can quickly provide your customers with a large amount of ice cubes at any time. Customers will prefer this fast and effective service and experience, thereby increasing your business value.

Feature of the IM180 & IM280 commercial ice machine:

200 lbs & 320 lbs of ice cubes daily produce

80 lbs ice storage bin (same for both models)

Undercounter size: 26''W x 27''D x 35''H

Full accessories package with filter, hose and drain pump

Finally, we introduce Coolski's three large commercial ice machine models - IM300 & IM350 & IM450. As the name suggests, the large ones have better ice-making capacity and efficiency. 300 lbs - 450 lbs of ice cubes daily produce is enough to cope with all types of usage scenarios, even industrial-grade use.

Feature of the IM300 & IM350 & IM450 commercial ice machine:

300 lbs & 350 lbs & 450 lbs of ice cubes daily produce

300 lbs ice storage bin (same for all three models)

Width: 22 inches

After understanding the functions and configuration parameters of the above Coolski models, you will have a certain understanding of the ice maker machine. From the difference comparison of daily produce, you can quickly choose the models machine that suits you from Coolski. In addition to the above, you also need to make detailed measurements of the space dimensions where you install or place the ice machine to ensure that you can quickly install and put it into use.

 In addition, all Coolski ice machine models have different certifications, such as ETL certification for electrical safety, DOE certification for energy saving, and ETL Sanitation certification for food safety. Sincerely considerate considerations for buyers to save money.

Closing Thoughts,

 Coolski insists on technological innovation to create a better future. Quality and service are one of our advantages.

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