How to consider and judge the advantages of ice machines other than daily production?

How to consider and judge the advantages of ice machines other than daily production?

After selecting the machine models you like based on daily production and cube type, users can also consider the functions attached to the ice machine. These functions are an important part that cannot be ignored because they can bring us great convenience during use and make the automation process more efficient. Pay attention to the comprehensive functionality of the ice machine and value this asset.

 First of all, we must ensure the quality of ice and the hygiene of the storage space. When we have an efficient ice machine, ice will be produced continuously. At this time, we must consider the storage of ice and food safety and hygiene issues. If we are not careful, ice may be contaminated by the outside and may endanger the health of the eater. In an era of increasing awareness of health and hygiene, ensuring the safety of each production link is essential.

Secondly, the external protective cover and the convenience of taking the ice, because no one wants to see foreign objects and dirt on the ice when taking the ice, or every time you take the ice, you need to go through the tedious action of pushing and pulling the ice bin. A good appearance protection design can solve all troubles.

Next is the issue of energy efficiency. How can we better control and save costs? From an authoritative perspective, certified models are the primary consideration for users because they are the fact that they have passed authoritative organizations or certification tests. Models that have been disclosed by DOE (Department of Energy Certification) and Energy Star are your best choice. They can provide you with a steady supply of ice at a better economic cost to ensure that you don’t have to worry about the capacity of ice during busy business hours.

Finally, the issue of electrical safety is also the most important. Compliant plugs and electrical components can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles and can be used more safely.


In addition to the above considerations, whether there is lighting inside, drainage methods, etc., these are all things that consumers should consider before purchasing.


When Coolski's ice machine was first designed, these issues were taken into consideration, integrating product quality, functional design, and service quality. The following can share the design concept and manufacturing quality of the Coolski ice machine.

 --The ice bin used for storage uses food-grade PP material to ensure the safety of ice cubes. Some models have passed the safety standard of ETL SANITATION (NSF Standard 7);

--Secondly, the design of the flip door and sliding door can minimize the amount of movement when taking ice, and take ice cubes at the fastest speed. In commercial places, this is a convenience that cannot be ignored, and after taking ice cubes, there is no need to worry about ice cubes being contaminated by the outside;

--In terms of economic benefits, Coolski's ice machine is also very worry-free. The advantage of being DOE certified can make your business profits or family economic benefits go to a higher level;

--Finally, there is the issue of safety. In order to provide high-quality ice machines, most of Coolski's models have been ETL listed to ensure the safety of every user.

Closing Thoughts,

 Coolski has always attached great importance to and continuously optimized and improved product quality during its development, and continuously improved technology and brand value to ensure that it provides users with the best technological experience. Choosing Coolski means choosing the future.

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