How to choose an Ice Maker machine that suits you.

How to choose an Ice Maker machine that suits you.

In daily life, ice cubes are widely used. They may be an indispensable part of us. They can maintain the taste and add flavor to beverages and cocktails. Using ice cubes to cool quickly in cooking can increase the taste of ingredients and help food cool down quickly. In emergency care, they can quickly relieve pain and swelling, but ice cubes are not only used for these purposes. They can be stored briefly and carried outdoors for use, sold, etc.

So, how can we choose the right type of ice cube among many ice cubes?

Each type of ice cube has its advantages:

--For example, the slow melting characteristics of spherical ice make it suitable for brandy, rum, whiskey, etc.;

--The large contact surface of crushed ice with food makes it suitable for frozen storage and transportation;

--Cube ice has the characteristics of high plasticity, low loss, and high output, which makes it the most widely used. Ice cubes are usually added to beverages or homemade drinks, which makes most businesses choose cube ice machines with higher production efficiency to cope with busy business hours.

(Notes: There are many different types of ice cubes. The above content is just a brief description of several applications of ice cubes.)

Of course, it is also very cool to have an ice machine at home that can meet the daily demand for ice cubes, because you don’t have to worry about not having ice cubes when you want to drink a cup.

After understanding the application of ice cubes, it is very simple to choose a suitable ice maker. You only need to choose an ice maker with the right type of ice cubes according to the type of ice cubes you like and the purpose of your ice cubes. This can greatly reduce the tediousness of your daily life. You no longer need to go out to buy ice cubes when you want to use them.

For the most commonly used types of ice cubes, Coolski has conducted in-depth analysis and research and has developed and produced ice maker machines suitable for home, commercial, business, school, church, and other application scenarios. Users only need to judge by the pounds of ice cubes they need daily to choose the ice machine that suits them best.

 Generally, you can choose the required daily poundage according to the number of people or venues:

-For home use, 5 pounds of ice per person per day;

-For business use, 2 pounds of ice per customer, but based on dining, each person may need an additional 2 pounds of ice;

-For coffee shops or milk tea shops, about 1.5 pounds of ice per cup of drink;

The above is a reference data. Based on the loss of ice melting and uses other than eating, there will be additional demand. Therefore, choosing an ice machine with a larger poundage than required can reduce the trouble of using too much ice from time to time, and can also easily cope with busy business hours.

 Coolski has a variety of models of ice machines, ranging from equipment models with daily ice production of 100 LBS to 550 LBS, or more. The supply of different ice production can meet the needs of any scenario, providing consumers with a wealth of choices. We have considered all the problems and troubles that consumers may encounter, we provide high-quality ice machines and excellent services.

 Welcome to consult at any time, Coolski will answer any of your questions within 24 hours.

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