How do I choose a commercial back bar?

How do I choose a commercial back bar?

Back bar areas are notoriously limited in space, so every square inch counts and bar operators must get creative when organizing their available room. Bar refrigeration is the most important equipment behind the bar because it keeps drinks cold and equips bartenders to offer quick, satisfying service. Finding the best bar equipment for your foodservice operation will ensure you maximize your space fittingly and efficiently.

 Before deciding on a new piece of commercial bar equipment, measure the installation space to make sure it can accommodate the piece. Account for any equipment clearance requirements while measuring. Most back bar equipment is front breathing, so it can be installed directly against neighboring equipment. However, you may encounter coolers that must be installed with certain amounts of space between them and adjacent walls and equipment so the refrigeration system will have ventilation room.

 Back bar cooler keeps bottled and canned beverages cool, giving bartenders convenient access to an array of drinks. Operators can choose from various configurations to ensure they get the piece that best suits their needs.

 The doors are either solid – which provides better insulation and energy efficiency – or glass, which can merchandise products. Glass door models also offer a choice between swinging or sliding doors. Swinging doors are mounted on hinges and usually close on their own if left open, but they often occupy more room when opened, which can block the flow of traffic. Sliding doors slide along a track, so they are ideal for areas where aisle space is limited, but they may not close on their own and are only available on units with two or more sections.

 You also must consider where your back bar cooler's compressor is located and account for any additional clearance it may require on that side. Bottom-mounted compressors need less clearance, but often entail more maintenance, as they may draw in dust and debris that settles on the floor. Remote compressors – located outside the building – solve these problems but are costlier to purchase and install.

The exterior finish of the cooler will affect its appearance, but also its durability. A stainless steel exterior is durable and easy to clean but is costlier initially and must be cleaned more often. The other option is black laminate, which looks more modern and is usually cheaper. However, the laminate can be scratched or chipped, which can cause the metal underneath to rust.

A glass-door bar cooler can double as a merchandiser if you put it somewhere your customers can see it. If the unit has LED lights inside, this flattering lighting will work especially well for merchandising products by drawing eyes and driving sales.

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