Coolski:Store Refrigerated and Frozen Foods within One Single Footprint

Coolski:Store Refrigerated and Frozen Foods within One Single Footprint

As dual temp refrigerator freezer combos offer separate compartments for cooling and freezing, space holds great value in a commercial kitchen. Refrigerator freezer combo units are the most efficient means to store ready-to-cook or ready-to-serve food items. Commercial freezers can easily be used for cold holding equipment in places such as restaurants, bars, shops, garages, schools, bakeries, and convenience stores.

Benefits of Coolskis Dual Temp Refrigerator Freezer Combos

  1. Space Saving: Coolski 48”W and 72”W two models are available, their compact design allows for efficient utilization of kitchen space while still providing ample room for storage.
  2. Large Capacity: Customize your storage using the adjustable shelves, hang or lay flat, vertical suspension load-bearing capacity 100lbs, horizontal load-bearing capacity 210lbs. Easy hanging of half hog and sausage.
  3. Energy Efficiency: By incorporating advanced air cooling system technologies, auto defrost design prevents frost or ice buildup. The top mounted refrigeration system on this refrigerator uses environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant. This not only benefits the environment but also translates into significant cost savings for commercial kitchens, leading to lower utility bills over time.
  4. Precise Control: Temperature can be easily monitored by digital temperature controller, chefs and kitchen staff have the flexibility to store a wide range of items at different temperatures within the same unit.

Choosing the Coolskis Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Combos

  1. Space Requirements: Measure the dimensions of the designated area to ensure a proper fit for the appliance.
  2. Storage Capacity: Evaluate the quantity of food items that require refrigeration and freezing on a regular basis.
  3. Power Consumption: ETL DOE Approved, contribute to reduced operational costs.
  4. Coolski provides a professional telephone customer service team. Respond within 24hours.

Item Pro:

  1. Dual temperature control:Each zone will hold a different temperature range.

Refrigerated - The refrigerated section will hold temperatures in the range of 33°F - 41°F. Frozen - Commercial freezers hold temperatures in the range of -8°F - 0°F.

  1. The Coolski freezer features a solid stainless steel exterior and interior, ensuring long-lasting performance and easy maintenance. 
  2. The doors are also self-closing and come with a stay-open feature for convenient loading and unloading.
  3. The innovative heating of the freezer door frame prevents water mist buildup.

Long-Term Success

Through meticulous assessment of kitchen requirements, evaluation of key characteristics, and taking into account budget limitations, choosing the appropriate dual temp refrigerator freezer combination turns into a strategic choice that boosts efficiency and productivity in commercial kitchens and simultaneously optimizes resource utilization for long-term success.

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